Hurtigruten Cruises

Our Vision

In a world where humans live to a great extent on the surface and have little time for reflection, the need arises to be part of the real and the natural. People want to escape from the stress and hassle of daily life to participate actively in the powerful experiences provided by closeness to dramatic landscapes and local culture. We in Hurtigruten will fulfill this need for both everyday travelers and for tourists.

When we go to work, it is to ensure that people have the opportunity to live where they want and that others can experiencemajestic scenery and local culture. Our guests will feel just as much at home whatever the product they have purchased, and we will be just as much at the service of local people as of tourists.

By constantly improving this experience, our long-term aim is to be regarded as one of the world’s 10 most attractive tourist destinations.

Quite simply, we go to work to create real experiences in unique waters.

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