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Disney Cruise Line has selected the most stunning destinations—in the most exciting regions around the world—for cruises you and your family will not soon forget. Enjoy the service and expertise of our dedicated crew as we guide you in your exploration of international ports of call, from the Caribbean region to Europe and beyond. Discover, in detail, the world of delights waiting for you.

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Experience the grandeur of historic seaside towns and cosmopolitan cities like Rome, Barcelona and Cannes, where fine food, picturesque sights and rich culture converge. 

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Alaska & Pacific Coast
Set sail for the unspoiled natural wonder of Alaska, on cruises that include stops in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan, among other ports of call.
Chart a course to the breathtaking beaches, incredible recreation and singular leisure of Nassau and Disney's very own Castaway Cay.
Explore tropical paradises featuring sun, sand and surf on cruises to Tortola, Grand Cayman, St. Maarten and other Caribbean destinations.
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Mexican Riviera
Escape to sunny Baja California where the scenic coastline boasts stunning beaches, festive towns and a myriad water sports and outdoor recreation.
Canada & New England
Experience the maritime charm of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as you sail from New York City along the Canadian coast.
A sweeping journey across the majestic Atlantic transports you from the beautiful, balmy Bahamas to the grand ports of Europe.


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