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The Most Famous Ocean Liners In The World

For over a century and a half, the iconic ships of Cunard have been defining sophisticated ocean travel. They have always been The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World.

From fabled vessels of the past to her present royal court — Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth — Cunard has carried guests across the great oceans and to the far points of the globe in unparalleled style. The most glamorous names of yesterday and today have made champagne toasts in her salons, waltzed the night away in her grand ballrooms, savoured grand feasts of the finest flavours in her dining rooms, and whiled away hours immersed in fascinating conversation on her decks.

We invite you to take your place in the rich heritage of ocean travel, and write your own classic adventure tale. Join us for a journey on the legendary luxury ocean liners of Cunard.

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17450_Transatlantic Sail between Southampton and New York, and experience unforgettable days at sea to revel in activities and fascinating enrichment programmes. Your days and nights at sea offer an abundance of possibilities.

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